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  • Every Expert Was Once A Beginner

    This is my food blog, the New Year's Resolution I am determined to keep, and it is already causing me stress.

    A blog is supposed to be about your passions and expertise, but so far I have failed three recipes while attempting to kick this off properly.

    I taught my friend Crystal how to make spaghetti from scratch.

    The pasta was a success, but the real MVP was the garlic bread I burned so badly it was inedible and smelled like char 👍 

    Next, I tried making pizza dough with semolina flour in the mix.

    The idea was that semolina would add texture and chewiness. But the water I used to activate the yeast was too warm, making the crust so tough it might as well have been freezer burned. 

    Third time's the charm. A no frills pizza dough. How could it go wrong! Forgetting to add the salt. 

    Do I even know how to cook?